Cost of Replacing A Windshield Without Insurance

Windshield Replacement in Phoenix with Insurance

Windshield Replacement in Phoenix with Insurance

Have you ever had a small crack in your windshield? Maybe you’ve even had major damage to your windshield. From minor damage to major damage, having a messed-up windshield is nothing but a dangerous situation. And it’s a situation that needs to be fixed, pronto.

What are the negative side effects to having a damaged windshield? Well, for starters, your visibility is interrupted while you’re driving. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, but you’re risking the lives of others on the road as well. This could lead to losses of life.

It’s important to remember that driving is a privilege, and not a right. If your car is nothing but a death machine, then you shouldn’t be driving it at all. It’s not worth the risk.

So, let’s assume that your windshield is damaged. Are you wondering about the costs for a windshield replacement? Having the right insurance can fully cover your repairs, minus the deductible.

But what if you don’t have insurance that will cover the damage? How much can you expect to spend? There’s no specific amount, and there are factors that will affect the cost. We’ll be covering these factors. And we’ll also help you make sure you’re getting a quality replacement.

How Much Should You Expect To Spend?

Mobile Windshield Replacement Phoenix AZ

Mobile Windshield Replacement Phoenix AZ

There’s no set-in-stone price for replacing a windshield. But you can usually expect to spend somewhere between $100 and $400 for a full repair. What if you have a luxury car or a rare collectible? If so, then you can expect to spend a little more. It’s possibly up to $1,500. But let’s cover some of the main factors that affect the cost of replacing a windshield.

What’s the most important factor in determining the cost for an auto glass repair? Well… it’s going to be the type of vehicle you have. Let’s suppose you have a luxury vehicle. These cars typically have specific types of windshields. And will therefore be more expensive to replace. In contrast, if you have a popular model such as a Honda, you’ll probably be able to snatch a solid deal for a replacement. This is because these types of windshields are kept in high stock.

What are some other important cost-determining factors? These include the sensors and windshield wipers of your car. If your windshield has a lot of rain sensors, then you can expect to spend a little more money. Where do windshield wipers come into play? Well… you’ll need to factor in the cost for installation of your wipers after the windshield replacement.

The amount of damage is another big factor. Do you have just a small crack in your windshield? You may be able to get this repaired without having a full-on replacement. And this could save you a lot of money. The location of the damage is important as well. Front windshields will cost more to replace/repair as opposed to back windshields. You’ll probably spend somewhere between $100-$300 for a rear windshield replacement.

Finally, the cost will come down to the type of auto glass used for your windshield. Do you want high-quality, Original Equipment Manufacturer auto glass? This is your safest bet in the long run. But you will spend more money as opposed to choosing aftermarket windshields. The aftermarket versions are less safe. But they’re about $100 less than OEM windshields.

Making Sure you get Quality Repairs

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Windshields exist for safety reasons. They’ve always been considered “safety devices.” Windshields provide solid strength to the body of your car. And they support your airbags as well. It’s easy to see how important windshields are, so you’ll want to be sure that you get a quality repair or replacement. But how can you be sure to get quality care?

Well… for starters, you should seriously consider spending the proper amount of money for a high-quality performance. This means that you should avoid home adhesive kits. These kits can lead to all sorts of problems with your windshield. For example, you could end up with more leaks and cracks. And this could eventually lead to a wreck. In the long run, you’d probably end up spending more money by taking this route.

Instead, you should focus more on safety and quality. You don’t want to take the cheap route when lives are at hand. Consider taking your car to professionals who will do the job correctly. Try to avoid aftermarket windshields, and go with OEM versions instead. What sort of company should you consider for repairing or replacing your windshield?

You should look for professionals who are fully-certified to take on the task of ensuring your safety. These professionals should follow all of the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual. They should provide you with a warranty following the repair. Be sure that the company has proper insurance. Make sure that the technicians are fully-trained and certified. And finally, assure that the company uses products that follow the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. If a company doesn’t meet these standards, then you should avoid them at all costs.

In Conclusion…

Windshields are safety devices that shouldn’t be overlooked. They keep drivers protected during those various road journeys. And if a windshield is damaged, then it should be taken care of as soon as possible. It’s not worth the risk to drive with a broken windshield.

Without insurance, you can expect to spend somewhere between $100-$400 for a standard windshield replacement if you don’t have insurance auto glass coverage. But there are other factors that can cause a change in this range. For example, luxury cars may have replacement costs up to $1,500. Other cost factors include rain sensors and windshield wipers, the amount of damage, the location of the damage, and the type of glass used.

It’s important to prioritize your safety. You can opt for aftermarket windshield replacements, but you should strongly consider going with OEM windshields because of the quality. Always be sure to choose a repair shop with a high reputation. Keep riding on, and stay safe in the process.